Administrative Panel Of
Shri Tuljabhavani Sainiki Vidyalaya,

Hello and Welcome to the blog of Shri Tuljabhavani Sainiki School, a prestigious institution that has been providing quality education and training to students since 1995.

Shri Tuljabhavani Military School, which is run by Shri Tuljabhavani Temple Trust, is a prestigious institution with all senior institutions and teachers, staff quarters and hostel department under it. It has been working for the past twenty years since its establishment on August 15, 1995, and today it has become very large and well-known. It is said that “the rope that was put on it has gone to the sky.” Students from Navy have entered this military school in Tuljapur as well as Doctors, Engineers, Teachers, Scientists, P.S.I.s and I.A.S. Officers have also been produced.

But before we dive into the details, we would like to introduce you to the person who is behind the success and growth of our school: our beloved principal, Shri Ghodke V.B.  

Shri Ghodke Sir  is not only an excellent administrator who manages all the work in his office with efficiency and fairness, but also a wonderful leader who inspires and motivates everyone in the school with his positive attitude and playful personality. He is always ready to listen to the problems and suggestions of the students and staff, and to find solutions that benefit everyone. He also recognizes and appreciates the talents and efforts of every teacher who works with zeal and enthusiasm, and gives them due justice in their office work.

Shri V.B Ghodke has a vision of making our school a place where students can learn not only academic skills, but also life skills that will help them become successful and responsible citizens of the society. He has introduced various initiatives and programs that aim to enhance the physical, mental, social and moral development of the students. He has also ensured that our school has a beautiful and clean environment that fosters learning and creativity. The greenery of various types of trees, flowers of various colors, green fences and beautiful colors of different colors add more beauty to the school’s beauty.

The credit for this goes to all the employees, group teachers, staff members, hostel department head, and gardeners who take care of everything there and bring progress to the development of the school together with our beloved Principal Ghodke Sir.

Principal- Shri Ghodake V.B